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BOLT Face Painting Brushes by Jest Paint – FIRM 3/4″ Stroke

BOLT Face Painting Brushes by Jest Paint – FIRM 3/4″ Stroke

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Product Description

The new FIRM Bristles are great for painters that are more heavy handed and need more resistance from their brush. Because the bristles are firmer they require a little bit more water and paint than the medium bounce bristles of our original brushes. They are also easier to rinse off since they don't hold on to a lot of paint. We strive to make the best possible brush for each kind of painter and we hope that this new line of FIRM brushes will be the solution that many have been waiting for. Bolt's 3/4" Firm Stroke brush is perfect for all of your 1 stroke moves! The short bristles and flat top provide for maximum control and smooth strokes Great for using with small rainbow cakes or for filling in large amounts of space. The total length of the 3/4" Stroke is about 6 3/4" long Synthetic Bristles Wooden handles Neon orange, UV reactive, glossy paint job with the handle dipped in green! Assembled in the USA with Taiwanese parts The brush pictured is a full image and an up close shot. The price listed is for one brush.


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